Winning with Words in Financial Services

Financial services marketing is more competitive than ever and CMOs are leaning on personalization and customer experience as key differentiators to drive growth.

The one constant across every business unit and marketing leader looking to grow in this environment is the power of words to drive consumer action across marketing creative.

For example:

  • Want to personalize a credit card offer on a landing page? Words will do the heavy lifting in the headline, body copy and call to action (CTA).
  • Want to improve conversion rates in a 5-step loan application process? The CTAs presented to a visitor from one step to the next will be critical.
  • Want to increase the number of applications for a home equity line of credit (HELOC)? The emotional language used in descriptive copy and the CTA will drive clicks, conversions, applications, and, ultimately revenue.

    This white paper details data-driven insights of what works in financial services marketing based on thousands of experiments run across real campaigns. CMOs can use this data to unlock the power of words and add mathematical certainty to the development of marketing creative to optimize brand engagement and revenue performance.