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What Persado Learned From
1.5 Billion Customer Interactions & How it Helps Drive Engagement


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Marketers know that the right words can make all the difference between a customer that engages with your brand or gets turned off. For the past decade, Persado has been working with brands to develop AI-generated messages that motivate customers to act. Through its work with clients, Persado has accumulated insights based on 1.5 billion customer interactions and 100 billion digital impressions. Now we are sharing those insights with you.

This webinar will cover:

  • What we’ve learned from three years of experiments with motivation AI
  • Which motivators consistently “work” to drive customer engagement
  • How global events, channels, and seasons affect how people engage
  • How to apply these findings to common customer engagement problems you need to solve

  • Register here to join the conversation between Kat Dessenon,Vice President of Operations at Persado and Carina Wytiaz, Senior Director, Content Marketing at Persado.