Webinar: What's Next for Web and E-Commerce Marketing in 2019

Marketers and e-commerce professionals have come a long way from the days when their digital experiences were simply online versions of the company brochure or product catalog. Today, they’re increasingly creating adaptive and proactive experiences that anticipate needs, empower consumers, and extend relationships. In 2019, customer experience in web and e-commerce will be critical, leading to a number of interrelated developments that will be underpinned by AI and data-driven services.

In this webinar, guest speaker Ryan Skinner, Senior Analyst at Forrester, answered these key questions:

  • How do marketers need to prepare for the rise of mobile as the critical digital experience platform?
  • What role will AI-powered content intelligence play?
  • How will the dawn of hyper-personalization change the game?
  • What are the demands and opportunities of online privacy rules?

So what are marketers to make of this? And how do we sift through all the clutter to understand what really drives results? Grace Fisher, Solutions Consultant at Persado, answered these questions based on data-driven, in-market experiments and provide suggestions for where marketers should focus their efforts in 2019.