Webinar: What's Next for Social Media Marketing in 2019

In 2018, social advertising was in a continuous state of flux, with magnified pressure on user data privacy, measurement woes and new ad formats in the mix. With social ad revenue globally exceeding the combined ad revenues of Disney, Comcast, Fox, and Time Warner, the spotlight intensifies on social advertising in 2019. The new year will see social networks scrambling to satisfy users’ needs, advertisers’ wants and regulatory requirements. Guest speaker Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst at Forrester, answers these key questions:

  • What do consumers want from social media? 
  • How will social advertisers respond?
  • How will social technologies adapt?

So what are marketers to make of this? What role does Artificial Intelligence play? And how do we sift through all the clutter to understand what really drives results? Kirill Gil, Director of Global Social Media Consulting at Persado, answers these questions based on data-driven, in-market experiments and provide suggestions for where marketers should focus their efforts in 2019.