Building Lasting Consumer Relationships in Retail

How Retail CMOs Can Use Technology to Create Emotional and Relevant Customer Experiences

Retailers are collectively looking to AI and machine learning technologies to solve their biggest problems – of driving revenue and engagement. 

In an effort to provide more relevant content and experiences for customers, retail marketers turn to personalization but still struggle to get it right. 

To better understand these trends, Persado and WBR Digital interviewed 100+ CMOs and marketing leaders from prominent retail brands to determine how to leverage machine learning to create emotional experiences – that last. 

Only 22% of marketing leaders surveyed believe they are skilled at applying emotion to content.

​​​In the report, we discovered:

  • Where retailers plan to invest their marketing dollars to reach goals of driving revenue and engagement.
  • An increasing reliance on AI technologies to solve for effective personalization at scale.
  • Demand for an individualized, emotionally engaging experience throughout the customer journey.