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Start with the Customer: A New Approach to First-Party Data Strategy with AI

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Third-party cookies are phasing out fast, but customers still expect high-quality, personalized experiences.

While tracking third-party cookies is no longer the best-practice, there’s a better way to personalize at scale. And it’s right under your fingertips. First-party data and AI can transform the way you connect with your customers.

Join us for a webinar to learn more about this shift with expert panelists that share unique perspectives on this new era of customer engagement: the researcher, the technologist, and the business leader.

  • Discover key insights to drive your business forward with new research from guest speaker, Alyson Clarke, Principal Analyst, at Forrester.
  • Reveal the language AI solution that increases conversion rates by an average of 41% with technology expert Alex Olesen, Senior Director of Vertical Strategy, at Persado.
  • Explore how leading businesses are implementing these findings and solutions for incredible results with RappiPay’s Hiram Valdez, Head of Strategy.

  • Learn how you can take the guesswork out of messaging and connect with your customers in a personalized, authentic way.

Featured Speakers

Alex Olesen

Alex Olesen


Alyson Clarke

Alyson Clarke

Forrester (Guest Speaker)

Hiram Valdez

Hiram Valdez

RappiPay Mexico