Download: The New CMO Playbook

CMOs are reporting that digital marketing campaigns have hit a wall. The 2018 Nielsen CMO Report revealed 71% of CMOs don’t believe in their creative’s ability to drive results. And after more than $93 billion spent on marketing technology in 2018 alone, 66% of CMOs report that they are not hitting their business targets.

Digital marketing was supposed to continue to perform, but it hasn’t, and CMOs find themselves in a massive confidence crisis. But that can finally change. Thousands of experiments and years of research have allowed Persado to unlock the power of words and apply mathematical certainty to the development of digital marketing creative. As a result, CMOs and their teams can supercharge brand engagement and revenue performance.

It’s worked for companies including GAP and Dell, who are among the 250+ industry leaders who are radically shifting the way they look at digital marketing creative — through the lens of data science and AI.

The New CMO Playbook offers actionable advice and thought leadership from marketing executives who have experienced the frustrations of holding creative digital marketing accountable first hand and how and why CMOs must get out of it in order to succeed.