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Your CDP Needs a Co-Pilot

Unlock the value of first-party data with AI-generated language.


While your CDP creates the foundation for better customer experiences, you can and should do more with your data. Activate your data with AI content generation and decisioning to unlock the transformative power of personalization. 

Persado works with your CDP, building on your segments, to generate content that resonates and inspires customers to action. AI content generation and decisioning reveals even more insights into customers, personalizing their experiences, and allowing you to learn even more about why your customers engage. Read even more about how Persado can activate your CDP investment in this brief, including:

  • Build on your customer data with more detailed profiles 
  • Understand more about your customer with new insights
  • Personalize customer experiences at scale with AI-generated content
  • Drive greater customer engagement with certainty

Words don't have to be subjective. Discover how your first-party data can help you get more from your messages today.


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