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Generative AI for the Online Cart:

Increase Revenue 3-5% with Persado Dynamic Motivation

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While personalization has been the key ecommerce initiative over the past decade and prioritized at various points along the customer journey, it has been ignored at the high-value juncture of the online cart. Online shopping carts have sterile and static language. It’s no wonder that cart abandonment rates are over 70% and many brands discount their merchandise just to close the deal with the customer.

Until now. With the rise of Generative AI, brands now have a way to deliver language at scale. And with Persado Dynamic Motivation—an enterprise Generative AI solution that delivers personalized language in real-time—brands are equipped to personalize messaging for customers at the online shopping cart, where and when it matters most.

The result? Fewer abandoned carts, more customer conversions, and higher purchase values– together delivering 3-5% in incremental revenue.

In this webinar with Persado co-founder and COO Assaf Baciu and Sarah Coles, Persado VP of Go-to-Market Strategy, you will hear about:

  • Why delivering on-demand, personalized, motivation-aware language is key to increasing conversions - especially in the usually static online cart
  • How you can increase revenue 3-5% with Dynamic Motivation for the online cart
  • How leading brands are already optimizing the path to purchase with Persado Generative AI
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    Assaf Baciu

    Assaf Baciu

    Co-Founder and COO, Persado

    Sarah Coles

    Sarah Coles

    VP of Go-To-Market Strategy, Persado