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Coresight Report Reveals How Language AI Can Transform Your Business

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New privacy changes have made it more and more difficult for companies to understand their customers. This sea-change will drive leaders to develop new first-party data strategies–making room for innovation. And that innovation comes in the form of AI.

Don’t just replace insights from third-party data, learn more about what inspires your customer to act than ever before. Discover more in this report from Coresight Research which reveals proprietary data from a survey of 165 retail executives.

In the report, you’ll learn:
  • Why CMOs must shift their focus from third-party data to first-party data
  • How 78.2% of respondents use of first-party data in their digital marketing
  • What to do now to create compelling, personalized experiences for your customers
  • How nine in 10 respondents currently use AI or ML to offer personalized experiences

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