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CB Insights, the most trusted source for technology market insights, recognized Persado as the market leader in Generative AI Text Content Generation.

Persado stood out from its industry peers and emerged as the leading technology company among the 32 private technology vendors included in the landscape and the 15 vendors featured in the Execution, Strength and Positioning (ESP) Ranking.

In an in-depth analysis of the Generative AI Text Content Generation market conducted by CB Insights, Persado achieved a Scorecard of 9.8/10, nearly a point higher than the closest peer.

Key market differentiators CB Insights cited for Persado’s leading position include:

  • Employs unique language generation and experimentation methods to determine the most effective elements of language for optimal performance
  • Utilizes a robust proprietary dataset to drive Al-generated content
  • Offers support for multiple channels of content including web, email, push, and social media
  • The takeaway? Performance matters. Persado stood out from the pack because Motivation AI drives results and revenue. We produce AI-generated messaging that isn’t just conversational and on-brand, it’s also proven to perform. It’s how Persado’s top 30 customers collectively achieved $1.5B+ in incremental revenue growth over the past four years

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