Transform Your Marketing Creative with AI and Data

Data: it lies at the center of marketing today. Marketers turn to data to track the efficacy of their messaging. But there's a missing link in their process. Marketers aren't working this data into their creative processes. There's still a lot of guesswork happening when it comes to writing copy and creating visuals. Persado's AI is here to replace that guesswork with actionable insights that lead to stronger creative. Our e-book explains how AI gives marketers the power to engage their audience in deep and meaningful ways using machine learning.


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How JPMorgan Chase Uses AI

Read how Persado delivers enterprise-wide marketing results for JPMorgan Chase.

Charity: water Delivers Massive Results with AI

Leading non-profit charity: water uses AI to help achieve their goal of clean drinking water worldwide.

Announcing Our Partnership with Adobe

Persado was announced as a premier partner in the Adobe Exchange Program.