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The power of artificial intelligence (AI) and language has been realized. In 2020, Boston Consulting Group's research found that nine out of ten leading executives at Fortune 500 companies are prioritizing customer centricity and personalization. While the basic framework is well-known -- delivering the right right product at the right price, to the right person, through the right channel, at the right time -- not much attention has been paid to the words that inspire action, until now. 

AI technology is now at the forefront of customer communication and personalization. Many leaders of top organizations are realizing the value of communicating with the right language to evoke emotions that drive action. Read the full BCG report to fully understand how AI and language can:

  • Drive action with mathematical certainty through language
  • Lift conversion rates with multivariate analysis and testing
  • Realize unrealized value from first party data

Get your piece of the $800 billion in incremental revenue that will take the world by storm. Learn how you can leverage AI in your marketing to personalize your message, connect with more customers, and realize the value in your own data.


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Industry leaders are now ushering in the AI-generated content revolution